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Gingerbread Bake House

Gingerbread BakeHouse is a yummy, unique and rewarding adventure that is brightening the faces of children all over Australia.
The Gingerbread BakeHouse is a fun way for kids to participate in a creative and healthy activity. Children can decorate their own funky gingerbread shape with coloured icing and chocolate beanies. The shapes are then left to dry in a brightly coloured box or tray so that they can eat them later.
This fun activity is popular with children of all ages
Each child receives a pack as they enter the activity area, which contains their own colourful box with a gingerbread shaped biscuit for them to decorate.

The pack contains a paintbrush, a serviette, hundreds and thousands and smarties for the children to use as decorations.

Lots of different coloured icing sugar is provided to the children in tubes for easy application.

Children creatively decorate the gingerbread biscuits and eat the art they create!