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Pop Up Installations
Pop Up Installations

An area crying out for a pop up leisure installation, where your retailer can just relax after a day of running around is a great way to fill in a space and what we can do for you. The benefits to your retailer, emitting a vibe by lessening stress, promoting good feelings and positive re enforcement.

We can design a pop up recreation area crying out for energizing in that lagging space, temporary or permanent. We will fit all types of areas to suit.

Our pop up installations take on all forms from kids play areas, craft areas, adult retreats and promotional activations.

Parent’s retreats all bespoke to suit your budget. It can just pop up and then be taken away when no longer required. We can do sensory play areas, perfect for pop up activations.
Pop Up Installations - Promotional installations

Draw more positive attention to all your competitions and promotions. We install, maintain, bump out and can supply promotional staff upon request.
Pop Up Installations - Hire Equipment

We hire to shopping centres, community events, city and shire councils, including any company which require eye an catching quality statement to enhance your event.

Cooking benches, trestle tables, promotional hostess benches, chairs, fencing, Astro Turf all available for hire and installation to finish your next promotion or activity. Yes, we will develop themes for special occasions.

Easter, Halloween, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and all other celebratory occasions.
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