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Imagination Playground

The Imagination Playground is an interactive fun activity that encourages learning, social interaction, movement and general good fun.
It is perfect for outdoor activity areas, shopping centres, schools, day-care centres, camps and where ever children have the opportunity to play and have fun. The Imagination Playground allows for active creativity, kids build rockets, houses, cars, factories, the list is endless and is only limited by their imagination. The activity is open-ended and encourages self-expression, inclusion and general fun. The activity is perfect for family interaction, with parents and siblings working together to be creative and enjoy family time.

Imagination Playground blocks are sold in sets suitable for a variety of outdoor and indoor sites, offering a cost-effective way to give children of multiple ages access to productive play. The basic starter set is the 105-piece Classic Block Set. 46-piece add-on sets of Angles and Curves are also available. Each set is available in a box, cart, or "drag bags."
The flexibility of the Imagination playground is unlimited allowing for placement in large or small spaces, indoor or outdoor thus providing many different options to suit your needs.

The sets include different shapes, such as rectangles, cubes, triangles, and cylinders. Many of the pieces have holes in them to allow the cylinders to be passed through them, once again providing new and exciting creative ideas to be born.

Children become immersed in the sea of pieces creating new spaces every time they play. One day playing with the Imagination Playground, they are in a house, next day a boat, warehouse, space ship thus making the activity endless.